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Recreational Cannabis Measure Passes in Michigan

Submission by Zach Binx

Michigan (PT) – After the long and obnoxious mid-term campaigns, Michigan decided to free the weed. Meaning after the certified ballot count, recreational cannabis becomes legal in Michigan. Here’s the details of the proposal.

Adults 21 and over will be allowed to possess marijuana in the amount of 2.5 oz (71 grams) of cured flower, 10 ounces(283 grams) of curing flower, and 12 plants.

Image source; Pixabay

The proposal did not include specifics of what constitutes “curing” and “cured” flower, nor did it detail what stages of growing the plants could be at. I assume this is because the prop was an indirect initiated state statute. The proposal did include that in order to sell cannabis one would need to purchase a micro-business license. If that is not obtained, one may only give cannabis away.

Aside from the excitement of this thing about to happen, one must remember that this is now a law… that has no law written for it yet.

A certified ballot count in Michigan normally takes roughly 3 weeks, and then after the certified count it becomes active. So basically all we’re getting is that we can’t get in trouble for having weed. There are no specifics yet, including a set tax amount as many people who oppose or didn’t research the proposal would lead you to believe. The only set tax is 10% from the already licensed dispensaries that have been selling medical cannabis for the past 10 years

Some Michigan based political analysts are putting the time at 2 years before we have a solid defined law on the recreational use of cannabis.

Just remember we shouldnt have needed a law for a plant…. Blaze up

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