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Activists launch action center to resist transgender ideology

The question of whether or not we should adopt policies based on gender identity is popping up all over the world, and quickly. The UK is right now considering adopting policies which would allow biological males to self-identify as female, and vice versa, a decision which would considerably change the overall policies and social structures in the UK. The supreme court in France just decided to strike down this kind of adaptation to their social policies, stating it is “a cornerstone of social and legal organization.” Without the new measures in the UK, men go through different systems and diagnosis to be able to alter their legal status, and that same debate is coming to Fairfax County, VA, which is right outside of DC.

Earlier this week, March 4, 2018, a collective launched what they’re calling the Gender Critical Action Center (GCAC) in an effort to resist the swift changes in policies which are taking place all over the United States. These changes affect school systems, social organization, children, freedom of speech, allocations of funds, platforms, spaces, and leadership positions, privacy rights, and especially the rights of females. The policy changes they are resisting are gender identity laws. In a press release the organization stated:

The purpose of the GCAC is to organize collective activity to push back on growing efforts to redefine sex to mean “gender identity” in laws, schools and universities, private settings, events, language, crime reporting, incarceration, journalism, etc. The organizers of the GCAC maintain that human beings are sexually dimorphic mammals, that women are female, that men are male, and that there is a small percentage of the human population that are intersex.

When it comes to schools this would change policies and social structures like bathroom and locker room privacy, freedom of speech, and sports teams– rights that females fought for. This is a policy change the GCAC intends to resist, by using their weekly call-to-action method to get people involved at the local level of politics. The new collective is going to provide people with the opportunity and methods of coming together to stand with females and children in recognizing sex as real and material, and are calling for bi-partisan support;

The GCAC is an effort to coordinate the shared concerns of parents, feminists, doctors, other professionals, and people across the political spectrum who are concerned about the dangers of this ideology. The organizers will evaluate the most important actions to be posted on a weekly basis.

Regarding their action against the proposed policies in Fairfax County, they are urging people to contact the county to express how gender identity policies put youth at risk, stating that, “Encouraging “transition” in students is dangerous and can cause life-long physical harm.” They are also giving information to their action teams following along to provide the county with an alternative, science-backed methods of supporting gender non-conforming youth. These methods of providing the public with information, encouraging followers to participate and giving them the means to do so, and especially pushing back against the idea that discussing and disagreeing is hatred by encouraging others to get involved, make this new organization a force to be reckoned with.

In response to these waves of policy changes which we are being told is bigotry to even debate, Gender Critical Action Center is taking the lead and asking the public to help them push back. They will even tell you how. Follow with them on facebook to join the call-to-action.

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