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For 2018: Perspective To All The UFO News In The Last Month

Earth (Pontiac) – Lately, there has been a lot of news about UFO’s (Unidentified Flying Objects), from sightings to a previously unacknowledged Department of Defense (DoD) program studying the phenomenon. Those just happened within the last couple weeks of 2017, including a large sighting in California now attributed to a Space X missile launch. Regardless, what’s going on with all the news on unidentified flying phenomena, and disclosure of programs? What do we do with anything we learn, going forward into the new year?

Before the news turned exotic, first came something more familiar. Well…not exactly. In October, researchers tracked an unusual object enter our solar system from outside, making it the first recorded interstellar object. It dipped into our system literally from above, and was predicted to swing around the gravity-dense center of our system then exit. Named Oumuanmua, Hawaiian for “messenger”, the object caused quite a stir.

Oumanumua is unique in it’s origin, trajectory, and shape. Scientists observing it from Hawiian astronomical installations estimated it at 400 meters long, but a tenth as wide. It narrows out in the front and seemingly budges out towards the rear. Pontiac Tribune’s last article on the object mentioned it reminded the author of a kind of fictional space ship from the Halo video game series. As Oumanumua cruised past earth, however, researchers took an interesting spin. They scanned it for radio signals in case it was actually artificially made.

Later on, it was revealed Oumanumua had an “organic” layer of some sort around its outer surface. Scientists, despite scanning the object, generally settle that Oumanumua is an exotic comet-like body. Comets native to our system consist of ice and other materials that fly off the main body as it travels. Oumanumua appeared to not have anything coming off it, breaking the traditional comet profile. That’s when researchers announced they’d detected the “organic” layer keeping its contents contained as it travels. This remains a unique subject of study, full of possibilities.

Image Source; Wikimedia

Then Things Went Full Alien

Thereafter, mainstream media lit up once a reputed former DoD official acknowledged the agency had been studying the UFO phenomenon for some time. Now all those stories from ex-government officials and eye witnesses don’t seem so bizarre, right?

According to Huffington Post, the information leaked from former officials who’d worked in CIA, DoD, and Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works program. The group is associated with To The Stars Academy, a public corporation aiming to study and capitalize on the technologies allegedly powering unexplained flying phenomena.

That company was actually made by former Blink 182 band member Tom Delonge, who’s promoted it in recent months. One of Delonge’s most seen interviews was on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. The comedian and podcast host walked away skeptical of Delonge’s sources, and intent.

One of the main subjects of this particular disclosure was former intelligence officer Luis Eiizondo. He’d allegedly headed a DoD program studying what the government calls unidentified aerial phenomena. Although he only recently resigned, there’s little if any trace of his name or documents associated thereof on the net. That the DoD’s and CIA’s websites, no mention. In his role for Delonge’s organization, Eiizondo will network between TTSA and authorities close to these programs.

The program Eiizondo headed studied these phenomena in the event they turned out to be threats. When asked, however, Eiizondo stated the phenomena don’t appear to be hostile. At least not in any obvious way. The former intel officer, HuffPost reports, then hinted that TTSA is going to be releasing very credible data, footage, and other materials related to the unidentified phenomena. Their first leak in late 2017 triggered waves throughout the net, instantaneously.

Footage from the cockpit of a US fighter pilot, tracking something he couldn’t identify. The event was captured through inferred, making details on the object difficult to make out. Along with the raw footage, audio of radio chatter between the pilot and command control was also provided. The pilot struggled to describe what he was seeing, stating at one point there was a “fleet” of them. Initially he thought the fast moving object was some kind of drone, and reconsidered once it hovered and turned in the air. The encounter ended once the object accelerated to speeds the pilots couldn’t match.

The former DoD official is confident that, in a court of law, the phenomenon can be proven “beyond reasonable doubt”. “I think it’s pretty clear this is not us”, Eiizondo continued, “and it’s not anyone else, so no one has to ask questions where they’re from.” The Pentagon program Eiizondo headed reputedly ran out of funding in 2012. However, as it was apparently sustained by black money and denied up until now. Thus, it’s deactivation remains to be seen. It also doesn’t makes sense for DoD to discontinue the program with more dramatic, wide-spread sightings happening every year.

Just when the country was digesting that, there was another hit. A massive sighting of an unusual object flying and leaving unusual patterns across California’s skies. This time, however, officials quickly pointed to the launch of the SpaceX rocket launch. The rocket was the 18th such device to be launched into space in 2017 by the SpaceX company. It carried numerous satellites into space, but some people weren’t convinced. Numerous witnesses insist they saw an unidentified object despite what officials relayed as SpaceX swept the sky. Unidentified to them, perhaps.

What It Could All Mean

Pontiac Tribune isn’t interested in suggesting the SpaceX rocket launch was actually an alien craft. The timing for these events and stories, however, is uncanny. We’re talking about a timeline of a month and a half tops, not several months or a year. Granted, the Oumuanmua object was first detected back in October, but news that it was being scanned for alien signals didn’t hit until December.

One thing conspiracy theorists point to with aliens is the notion of psy-op’s (psychological operations) against the public on the topic. Movies pinning various branches of the military against overwhelming alien threats. The increasing exposure of once classified military craft, eye catching but still clearly made by mankind. The dismissal of any notion of actual alien contact until, one day, we all just wake up to an apparently defunked DoD UFO research program. All of this, some say, works together to influence public perspective of the UFO phenomenon before it becomes widely accepted. Mass conditioning, essentially.

In that context, some might suggest this recent progression of the Oumuanmua object, TTSA UFO disclosure, and the SpaceX rocket has its own conditioning uses. Perhaps we should get used to not only news regarding possible first contact, but also to seeing things we can’t identify overhead. Whether from government origin, or something else, could this recent series of stories serve to transition us into an unfamiliar future?

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