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President Trump caught rigging Official Presidential Job Performance Survey

(TFC) – The President of the United States is apparently so embarrassed by his recent poll numbers that he set out to create a poll of his own and then he rigged it.

If a voter thought they’d be able to express their true feelings through the “Official Presidential Job Performance Survey”, they would be mistaken. Unless they felt he was doing a “great”, “good”, or “okay” job. Any other feeling would be filed under “other”. There was no option presented to provide a negative response.

You can access the “official” survey via, the President’s personal website. Has the office of the Presidency fallen so far and is the ego of the leader of the free world so fragile that only positive responses are acceptable? Should we soon expect 99% approval ratings similar to those touted by despots the world over and obtained through a similar sham process?

The President of the United States needs to apologize to the people of the country for such a shameful and transparent attempt at creating the fake news he claims to despise. As per the President’s norm, the results of this poll are certain to be repeated to his base and anyone else left who hasn’t realized they voted for a con man.


Can anyone honestly look at this and say they believe it to be anything other than a disgraceful attempt to manufacture a false approval rating that would be used to manipulate the country? There’s not even an option for “needs improvement”. Even kindergarten students can handle being told they need improvement. Is the President more sensitive that child?

The President paid to have the link advertised through Facebook via his verified account.


Of course, being the thorough leader he is, the homepage of that domain is blank. The webmaster working for the President of the United States can find proper documentation to finish configuring the server at Commercial support is available at Once that is completed maybe at least the website won’t be an embarrassment to the nation.


Image Source: Gage Skidmore, Flickr, Creative Commons
Donald Trump

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