Our Most Read Stories from 2018

(Greed) – Let’s start 2019 with a quick look back at 2018. Out of curiosity, we went back to see what our most widely read articles were, we wanted to share those with you:

Number 5 –

The REAL reason for the coming wave bans and censorship: what you aren't being told

The REAL Reason For the Coming Wave of Bans and Censorship: What You Aren’t Being Told – 

Carey Wedler took a look back at the history of censorship and dug a little deeper into the current wave of bans on social media. While we hope this is not a trend that will continue into 2019, it is hard to feel very optimistic that it won’t.

Number 4 –


Teens Caught Trick or Treating in Virginia Towns Could Face Jail Time –

This was a piece we never expected to be as popular as it was. We hope the intended message, regarding a government overstepping its role, was clear to those that read it. For those that didn’t, it’s worth taking a look, it is a clear example of how silly a nanny state is capable of being.

Number 3 –


US Dropped More Bombs on Afghanistan in 2018 Than Ever in Recorded History – 

There isn’t much more to say about this, we are happy that you seemed to care about it. Our goal is to bring you the news you aren’t getting from the corporate media outlets. This was one of those stories that deserved a front page, top of the hour story everywhere. Sadly it wasn’t.

Number 2 –

Meet the Reporters Whose Pages Were Shut Down By Facebook – 

Censorship was a hot topic for our readers in 2018, rightfully so. Many outlets suffered over the course of the year, some openly shut down, while others had readership cut drastically due to algorithms on social media. Keep your indie media outlets in mind in 2019, most of them do a lot of work for little to no money to keep you informed. Consider donating to them when you can.

Finally, our most-read story of 2018 –


Child Pornography May Make a Comeback After Court Ruling Guts Regulations Protecting Minors –

To say we were disturbed and shocked that this was something we had to report on, would be an understatement. There isn’t too much more to say about it, much like many of our other stories over 2018, it seems like the governments across the world step on themselves when they try fixing anything, Let’s hope we see improvements in the new year. Protecting our children should be a no-brainer.

We want to thank all of you for making 2018 a great year for us here at Greed Media. We do it for you, so without you, well, we wouldn’t be here. We are looking forward to some new, and exciting things in 2019, hope you are all coming along for the ride.

Happy New Year!

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