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Why Chromebooks are decent, cheap, and versatile machines

US (PT) – After the purchase of an ACER Chromebook 15, which came equipped with 16GB eMMC storage and 4GB of DDR3 ram. In this article I’m going to explain the benefits and versatility of this machine.

  1. General Chrome OS
    In the very basics, the chrome Operating System (OS) is actually extremely effective and secure. All Chromebooks past 2016 have a bounty of 50k if you can effectively hack and install a modified APK without google catching it. Since in the first year the bounty was not claimed they doubled it. On another note the newer Chromebooks also support Android apps. So it supports a full Android emulator built right into the OS. This, if you have any experience, means you can root the EMU to allow root apps. Such as CSsploit, NetHunter, and VEGA.
    Here is the info on how to root the Chrome OS android EMU
  2. Dual-boot/fly switching to full Linux with Crouton
    Another fine feature of the newer Chromebooks is being able to run a virtual machine (VM) of a full Linux Distro on the fly. Meaning with the press of 3 buttons, you can switch from Chrome OS to Linux by using Crouton…. Here is the Github to install Crouton.  (Disclaimer: You must have developer mode turned on and a basic understanding of Linux terminal commands)

After installing Crouton and getting a Linux VM up and running, you can then start using your Chromebook as a mobile vulnerability assessment machine. Meaning you can use it for offensive
security on the fly.

While Chromebooks are not the most powerful machines available, they are versatile. With a total weight of just under 3 pounds, coupled with the fact it supports an Android emulator and the has ability to run Linux you can have a complete mobile offensive security machine. I’d say it’s an all around win.

This article was prepared by Zachary Binx for The Pontiac Tribune.

Blogger, cell phone, and lap top. Image source; Pixabay

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