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5 Ways Your Business Can Give Back to the Community

It has been noted on more than one occasion that the millennial generation is highly motivated by community-minded initiatives. Some believe the younger generation won’t participate in commerce unless they feel their purchases are going towards a worthwhile cause. For this reason, many entrepreneurs are not only finding ways to make their existing businesses socially conscious, and some are even starting businesses with “giving back” as their primary foundation.

Since it might lead to new opportunities, even from customers in other age demographics, some business owners are looking for ways for their companies or products to make a difference in their communities. If your business is one of those, here are some things to consider.


One need only look to the Internet to see how free and useful information is received by the general public to understand how much educational opportunities are valued. If you run a business that gives you access to information that’s valuable to society, but which the public doesn’t have easy access to, you have an opportunity to launch an initiative that will not only help you market your business, but will also help you demonstrate your expertise.


Writing what you know and making it available to civic organizations dovetails with the educational initiative. Whether it is an online blog, an e-book or a printed book, current and future customers will respond with both enthusiasm and gratitude if you can make your publications available in a free, simple format and get them the useful information they need.

Invite Schools

Most business owners are probably aware that elementary and junior high schools welcome opportunities for field trips, but what most don’t consider is high schools, community colleges, and universities also have excellent opportunities to connect with not only future customers but future employees and executives as well. You should always consider the potential for any word of mouth and do anything you can to get the conversation started.

Service Projects

If you have suppliers around the world, you can give back to their communities as well, particularly if they live in developing countries. There are hundreds of humanitarian initiatives aimed at helping people in developing countries, and if you benefit from their labors it would make sense to contribute to these initiatives, making their lives a little easier. For example, doTERRA has a program called Co-Impact Sourcing where they provide better housing, schools, and other facilities to the communities where their suppliers are based, according to Source to You. Your business could do something similar.

Job Training

While your company might not be equipped to offer a general job training program, there might be other organizations in your area that do. Every one of those organizations can use the advice of an expert in a field where employment opportunities exist. Find out if you can volunteer or if you can offer your published materials to help. You might be surprised at the talent you find.

As with any business initiative, giving back to the community starts with a conversation. All you need to do is reach out, make contact and see if there is a chance for you and another to work together.

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