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BREAKING: Ahed Tamimi taken by Israeli soldiers

(TFC) – Ahed Tamimi, well-known Palestinian activist, has been taken from her home by Israeli forces. She’s best known for her appearances in YouTube videos originating in the Occupied Territories. Her curly blonde hair earned her the nickname “Shirley Temper”, and her absolute defiance and fearlessness earned her the respect of people all over the world. For many, she is the face of the Palestinian resistance. She was named The Fifth Column’s Young Person of the Year in 2015.

In a Facebook post, her father stated, “The Israeli Occupation Forces raided my home and took my daughter”*. He went on to say the Israeli took their phones, cameras, and laptops. He also says they beat his wife and children. He blames the Israeli media for recent attacks on her.

In a 2015 interview with TFC asked for the help of Americans:

“The USA is the country who support Israel all the time and in every fields, so American people should put pressure on their government to stop supporting the terrorist state of Israel and start to support us through the boycott of Israel and talk about Palestinian cause to let the world know that we’re not terrorists.”

We will continue following developments as they occur. At a time of high tensions in the Occupied Territories, it’s unknown what the reaction will be to the news of such a loved figure being taken.

*Rough translation

Update: Ahed Tamimi was taken into custody for her part in chasing off two IDF soldiers near her home.

Update: Video of arrest.

Ahed Tamimi
Image Source: Facebook.

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